No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

Welcome to Show 140!

This time we welcome Saylah from Mystic Worlds back to the show to talk about about the news of the day.   This time out the main topics of discussion are paying to not play and Elder Scrolls Online.  Total topics are below.

See you online,

Julie and Fran

1. Paying for not playing, let me know if I had a good time.

2.  EQ Landmark - when is a game not a game? When there is no game play.  

3. Playing to get paid, Empty Landmarks.

3.  Elder Scrolls Online - Have it our way. Skyrim is about You, Elder Scrolls Online is about everyone. Everything old is old again. 

4. Star Citizen - drinking the Koolaide, the giant on the horizon.

5. Women in the military.

6. Virtual reality sickness



Forbes Magazine articles


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Welcome to show 139,

This time out we have gone mobile - time to talk about the offerings for mobile gamers out there. We have been through some Elder Scrolls Online beta and talk a bit out that as well. Here are the subjects and articles cited (below).

See you online,

Julie and  Fran

Welcome to  Show 139.

Here are the subjects this time out. 

1.       Chris Robert’s Star Citizen

2.       Order and Chaos Online – go mobile or go home

3.       Greedy Birds Go – a letter from a dad

4.       Is “free to play” killing mobile gaming?

5.       Dungeon Keeper,  Wallet Reaper, Dollar Keeper

6.       Lego my ego

7.       Elder Scrolls Online (some early impressions)



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Welcome to show 138!


This time we welcome Saylah from Mystic Worlds back to the show.  The main topic of the show this time is CCP's Eve Online.  As long time players of the game factionn warfare has always been something that has both attracted and mystified us.  Saylah his here to share laughs and show us all how to get started. In the second part of the show we talk about Chris Robert's Star Citizen versus Eve Online.


See you online,

Julie and Fran

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Welcome to Show 137!

This time out we welcome Chris Dodson back to the show.  We spend time talking about Everquest Landmark and Everquest Next -and Julie has to eat some crow.  Along the way we talk about computer securty.  We end up the session talking about what makes a great game bad and a good game great.

See you online,

Julie Whitefeather

1. Credit where credit is due -  Sony Online

2. Everquest/Everquest Landmark

3. Down and out in Norrath - shining SOE moments

4.  Where your roots are - and not where your grandma came from

5. Computer Security - Security Now - Leo LaPorte

6.  the failure of a great game

7.  What makes a good game great?

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Welcome to Show 136

It's starting to look alot like Christmas- time for a Christmas show. Subjects this week include Everquest Next, Star Citizen, exploding pigs and more; the full list is below including links to arts and videos discussed.

See you online

Julie and Fran


Topics for the Show

- BBC America/Victorian London

- Everquest Next/Everquest Landmark/Everquest 1

- Warlords of Draenor - player housing

- Would you pay to be a beta tester?

- Chris Roberts/Star Citizen

- Baby its space outside - Portal 2

- Exploding Pigs

- Amazon/UPS and Drones

- Skyrim/Minecraft Mashup

- What main stream media thinks about the videogame industry.

Videos Discussed:

Charlie Brooker and Jon Show


Conan O'Brien at Blizcon 2013


X-box One His and Hers


Articles Discussed:

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Welcome to Show 135!

This week we welcome to Saylah to the show to talk about Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, gaming news and more.


See you online,

Julie and Fran

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Welcome to the Government Shut Down Special!

This time out we sit down with Slunker from 2Lazy2beOtaku to discuss Neverwinter Online vs. Dungeons and Dragons Online, World of Warcraft, Decline of Free to play, hirlings vs. grouping, Star Citizen and More.

See you online,

Julie and Fran

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Welcome at last to Show 133!

After a long bout with the plauge (or at least what seemed like it) Fran and I have both returned to the airwaves.  At long last welcome to the show. This time out we share alot of laughs and stories about Julie's adventures in that cubist's dreamworld, Minecraft.

See you online,
Julie and Fran

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Welcome to show 132!

In the first half of the show Fran gives us her best zombie imitation as we discuss this year's Chicago Comic Con. In the second part of the show we are joined by Steve Griffing from 2Lazy2bOtaku for a round of discussion about Microsoft Versus Soney and more.

See you online,

Fran and Julie


First Part of the Show with Fran and Julie

1. The Chicago Comic Con 2013 

Second part of the show with Steve Griffing

1. If you can’t take the heat get out of the desert

2. Microsoft versus Sony – NSA connection optional

3. Console versus PCs

4. Do games need an online community to be successful?

5. Playing around: Dungeons and Dragons, Never Winter Nights 2, Cyberpunk 2020

6. Games gone by: SWOTR, WoW and STO

7. Imperfect world – operator error

8. LOTR and the Riders of Lohan

9. It feels so good when you stop


Steve Griffing:

Steve Griffing can also be heard on

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Welcome to Show 131

This time out Julie, Fran and Chris spend time talking aabout the, Star Trek Online, Xbox, the videogame industry in America and Japan and more.

See you online,
Julie and Fran


1. STO, Z Axis, and Outer Space Spreadsheets
2. Who killed anime? Tank Girls Gone Wild (un panzer)
3. Microsoft XBOX – let them eat Xbox
        a. Red Ring of Death
        b. Same old, same old games
        c. Death of a (videogame) salesman
        d. DLC keeping it going
        e. The Price is right – All Steamed up
        f. The vocal minority, the squeakiest wheel, and Microsoft
4. The reports of the death Triple A Development are not greatly exaggerated
5. Gaming, Comics and anime in Japan
6. Video Gaming: Future Imperfect
7. The Media is the Massage (Marshal McLuhan was right)
8. Bringing gaming home again


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