No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

This time out we take some time to address a serous issue.

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Welcome to show 203!

This time out the No Prisoners, No Mercy Team talks about the following subjects

1. A primer for pvp games - the good, the bad and the frustrating

2. Whether or not realistic combat games translate to real world skills (I have read more than one article about gamers with "mad skills" that became drone pilots)


3.  Do we really need professional reviewers of movies and games. More than once I have read reviews saying movies (like the latest Star Wars movie) are terrible - only to go on
to make incredible amounts of money (Star Wars the Last Jedi has now made more than one billion dollars world wide). Many times I find myself saying as I read a reviewer that
hated a fun movie "if you want heavy handed drama go watch an Ingmar Bergman movie". With so many streaming services is the service of a "professional reviewer" about as
useful as a buggy whip? Do they still have an affect on the movie and gaming industry.

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Welcome to Show 201 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Podcast,

This time out we talk about "best" versus "best selling" games and why the two don't always coincide.. What do they have in common? We spend some time talking about success versus profit and then move on to "Internet Tribalism" and perception.

See you online.

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Welcome to Show 201 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show. This time out Julie and Chris sit down to talk about an issue that is important to all of it internet freedom, call it internet without boarders or net neutrality, it's important.

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Happy New Year!

In part 2, Fran and I sit down with long time industry professional, author and partner in Blue Jinni Media. With the advent of virtual reality ever more present in the market place we sit down with Mr. Harper to discuss it's future and effect on game development. Will console VR outpace PC VR? Will the first success at VR games result on game publishers jumping on the band wagon? Will that drag down the industry or bolster it's success? Is it here to stay or will it be the next "laserdisk" fad? How has the game industry changed in the last 100 shows?

How many people will be suseptable to virtual reality sickness?

Join us for a peak at what may be the future of the game development industry.

See you online,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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Welcome to Show 200! The show so nice we had to record it twice. This is part one of two part. In part one Julie and Fran sit down with Dr. Richard Bartle to talk about his life and the early days of videogames that made it what it is today.

1. How does the decline of pc sales and the increase of mobile gaming, virtual reality and MOBA games effect the gaming industry.

2. Dr. Bartle gives us the "nickle tour" of his life and what lead to the development of the "primordial ooze" from which all videogames where developed....M.U.D. (Multi-User Dungeon)

3. Dr. Bartle, Roy Trubshaw and the making of M.U.D.-building a better world

4. Pioneers in the game development - did you know Mark Jacobs gave up a job as a lawyer to make games?

5. The early days of Muse.

6. Industry pioneers Jessica Mulligan, Bridgette Patrovsky, Richard Bartle and some descrimination at Interplay.

7. When videogames added graphics - the first graphic worlds; Ultima Online, Meridian 59, and Everquest.

8. Everquest and DikuMUD gameplay (

9. What makes a compelling game?

10. Mud on a Rasberry Pi, Dungeons and Dragons, board games and other pursuits.

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Welcome to show 199!

This time Fran, Julie and Chris talk about the following subjects:

1. Jim Sterling pushes Chris' buttons
2. Not buying a game - sending a publishers a message. When game publishers put game content behind loot boxes its time to send the publisher a message.
3. When gamers become apologists
4. Difficulty in Video Games, Gamespot video, Cuphead


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Shadow of Mordor Nemisis system

Cuphead, And The Problems With Difficulty In Video Games

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Welcome to No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 198.

Your personal information was hacked, but don't feel bad - there are 143 million other Americans in the same boat. When will the excriment hit the oscillating air current distribution device? What is the solution? Are gamers especially susceptible?

Next, is videogaming culture racist?

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Welcome to No Prisoners, No Mercy - Show 197

This time out we are talking about science fiction - Blade Runner: 2049 and the original Blade Runner, and how it effected the science fiction genre.

See you online, and in line,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team


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Blade Runner 2049' Is A Box Office Bomb: 10 Reasons It Was Doomed

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Welcome to Show 196.

This time out Fran, Julie and Rod talk about the following subjects.

1. Fran grinds an axe – racing to the boss
2. The wrong kind of connections – high profile and other hacks
3. Security Blanket - Staying Secure
4. Fair Use laws - cover your butt before someone comes after it
5. Why do games fail? - An industry view
6. Destiny, Destiny 2, Total Warhammer, Elite Dangerous, Secret World Legends

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