No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

Welcome to Show 195 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show!\

When is a paid mod not a paid mod? Are games being sold to us piecemeal? This time out Rod, Steve, Fran and Julie talk about paid mods, third party DLC, Creation Club and Minecraft Market Place.

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This time out Fran, Julie, Steve and Rod talk about monetization of video games.  In the second half we talk about the legality of videogame companies using your data and data privacy.

1. Greed to play - amazon pays back 70 millions dollars

2. Deja-vu all over again - microsoft sells player made content - call of duty infinite warfare being tied to the remastered version which was sold with microtransactions in a $60 dollar game.
3. Incentive, Revenue Opportunity and other ways to make money
4. Legality of videogame companies using your data
5. Android Application phone home
6. Electronic tracking and metadata
7. Terms of Disservice
Infinite Arms
10 most expensive items sold in videogames:
Toys needed to play Skylanders Trap Team
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Welcome to show 193. Here this time out we discuss the following subjects.

See you online.

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

1. Zombies and the future - zombie race car drives, zombie strippers and zombie footballers
2. Star Trek Discovery
3. Brain dead politicians
4. 10 things mmos must have to be great - better game design
5. Inovations in game design


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Welcome to show 192. Here are the subjects for this time out.

1. Video Game Movies and Games Made from Movies
2. Keeping up with tech curve - the future of videogames and hardware requirements
3. Is it possible to bring players back to a pvp game, once the game has lost players. How does a game developer maintain balance? Is it even possible?
4. Bringing players who don't pvp into a pvp game where the players have the reflexes of a rattlesnake on meth. Which developer will come up with a solution?
5. When the asshat quotient rises.
6. What makes a good movie sequel? Star Trek Discovery - the sequel that almost wasn't.

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The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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Warning - this show contains strong language

This time out we offer show 191.1 on a subject that has been the subject of a good deal of contention - gamergate. The videoclip discussed contains harsh language - we will let you be the judge of its content. We don't all agree and the subject at hand but it is the differences that make for an interesting discussion. The discussion was originally to be an addendum to an upcoming show.


The Video Discussed

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Welcome to show 191 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show.

This time out we discuss destructive behavior in videogames. Have the donkeyhats made your virtual life miserable? Are they somehow actually destroying your favorite game?
Sometimes destructive behavior isn't even intentional. It's time to take a look at it all!

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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Welcome to Show 190 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show.
We start out the show by talking about whether reviews really matter - case in poin Mass Effect: Andromenda. Next we take a look at what really goes into making a video game from the standpoint of someone who made them for decades. Are we holding videogames to unreasanable standards?  We also take a look who has an effect on the videogame market as opposed to who thinks they do, and why.
Articles Discussed:

rock paper shotgun review of mass effect andromeda

Main topics of conversation:

1.      Mass effect andromeda – do reviews matter?

2.      What really goes into making a game – a professional viewpoint

3.      Who has an effect on the videogame market vs. who thinks they do

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Welcome to Show 189,

The first half of the show was an impromptu session where we shared some laughs about guild drama we have experienced in the past. In the second half of the show we tackle the subject of "whitewashing" in movies, concentrating on the recent movie Ghost in the Shell.

See you online,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

Articles Mentioned:
Drama Mamas: How to leave your guild without drama or burning bridges

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Welcome to Show 188...take 2.

Our previous efforts failed due to factors including faulty software and faulty computers. Here, finally, is the completed version. This time out we discuss the following subjects:

1. names that are better on the harder difficulty
2. Is there an exodus back to triple - A
3. Green Light Process (and the lack thereof), abandonware and asset flipping

See you online,
The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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This time out we welcome Rod, Chris, Julie and special guest Calfury. The following subjects are on offer.

See you online,
The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

1. Zombie dodo birds and shai-hulud
2. Hero's Song, The Smed and Crowdfunding
3. Indie-posers and back-channel publishing companies
4. Early Release, Steam Green light and abandonware
5. Videogame Gambling
6. Action movies and scripts written on cocktail napkins
7. Left Click to Win


Articles this time out:

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