No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

Welcome to Show 151,

Join us for a discussion on Sony, The Interview, another round of videogame hacking, and the Warlords of Draenor.  

See You Online,

Julie and Fran

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Welcome to Show 150!

Join us for an interview with GM Tranzor from Wicked Interactive. We talk about first person shooters, Killer clowns with claymore cakes and more!

See you online,

Julie and Fran

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Welcome to Show 149 - The Final Fantasy Special (part 2)

This time out we discuss why a McDonalds hamburger wrapper in your glove compartment will keep your game from starting and evil Doctor Seuss. We also discuss mandatory dungeons, Looking for (and evading) player abuse, gaming catheters and spotted dick.

See you online,

Julie, Fran, Chris and Slunker

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Welcome to Show 148,

This time out we welcome Slunker and Chris from 2Lasy2BOtaku and the resulting combination is a show filled with fun and laughter. The subjects this time out are as follows:

1.       Final Fantasy 14  - Prelude

2.       Square Enix, catalogic wads, teabags and other stories

3.       Game of the week club

4.       Imitation is the sincerest  form of making a player comfortable

5.       Anime, pink police tanks, and other stories

6.       Leaving 2.5 billion on the dresser


7.       The story of the fortnight

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Welcome to Show 147,

Guest  Jessica  “Allahweh” Brown from returns to the show.  Join us for laughs and interesting conversation.  The subjects are as follows:

1.       Touring the games industry out of existence

2.       Are they really listening or recycling concepts?

3.       Early Access – paying to test part of a game

4.       Get started early to beat the rush to leave the game.

5.       Keep the money coming – clearing the barriers to entry

6.       Beating the game –  When games kill

7.       The future of gaming

8.       Demographics of gaming –the same old trope


9.       Casual gaming – killing me softly with your greed

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This time out it appears that Saylah has drunk the ArcheAge Kool-Aid and spit the Wildstar Kool-Aid out.  Join us for laughs and fun as we explore the next “it” game out there: ArcheAge. What is it? How does it work?  What is it not?  Is it like other imports such as Voyage Century? Find out on the ArcheAge Special with guest Saylah from Mystic Worlds.



Fran and Julie

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Welcome to Show 145,

This time out we welcome Keegan White, game master from Suba Games, to the show. Join us as we have a great time talking to Keegan about their latest games, his favorite games and ours and the industry.

See you online,

Julie and Fran

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Wildstar has been out a bit over a month now and we are wild about wildstar.  Spend some time with Julie, Fran and Saylah from Mystic Worlds as they discover what is in now that it is out - and what is out and why.


See you online,

Julie, Fran and Saylah

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Welcome to Show 143


O.K. we could have sworn we uploaded this one but we see it didn't make it all the way to Virginworlds - mia culpa (ouraculpa?).  This time out we sat down and spent some time talking with the man who is called "The Disney of Steampunk" none other than Eric "Lord Bobbins" himself.   Eric is the founder and driving force behind Teslacon.  He has worn many hats in his time, amoung them is working on Star Wars. We have spoken about him many times and now here he is.


See you online,


Julie and Fran

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Welcome to Show 142,

Welcome to the science fiction show. In the first half of the show three of us sit down and talk about the king of the monsters who has a new movie out - Godzilla. In the second half of the show we welcome gaming author Tom Wright to the show.


See you online,

Julie, Fran and Evelyn

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