No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

Welcome to show 162,

Fallout 4 is in (at least getting close) and “The Smed” is out.  This week we welcome Steve “Slunker” Griffing back to the show as we talk about the subjects below:

Next time: We welcome special guest Brian Hicks from Bohemia Interactive, producer for DayZ!


1.       Diversity in video games versus the developer’s vision for the game and the target audience. What is the developer doing with the narrative? Does it matter if a story is being told from a particular character’s viewpoint? What is the story the developer is trying to tell? Or are we asking developers to include a particular gender just for its own sake?

2.       Game Developers that ask us to buy what is a rehash of the same game each year? Is the annual edition trend dying out?

3.       EA takes it on the chin

4.       China lifts the ban on console games, Chief Keefe not welcome in Indiana even by hologram, Alliance playing for the proper…er…horde side – mercenaries in WoW

5.       When beta wasn’t marketing/the evil of preorder and early access

6.       Game Development and Moving Benchmarks


7.       What we have been playing – Ark Survival Evolved, Lotro, Terra Online

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Welcome to show 161 *checks to make sure it is really show 161 and not 163* Yes it really is show 161.


Julie, Fran and Chris welcome special guest Rod Harper to the show!

This time out Fran takes an arrow in a knee, Chris has burning issues, and Rod heats his pc.  The shows are a bit out of order to accommodate schedules for industry interview.

Subjects this time out:


1. Console Games vs. PC Games

2. Derek Smart vs. Star Citizen

3.  What size is that asshat?

4.  Games that we play even though we won’t respect ourselves in the morning.


5.  Physics and size D, Ubisoft and EA

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Welcome to Show 160!

This time out Fran, Julie and Chris discuss (although not always so quietly) the following subjects.


Anita Sarkesian hate posters
Polygon article about whitecasting

Ethics in Game Journalism and Witcher 3

Batman Arkham Knight and Destiny

At the Movies – origin stories and remakes

Early Release Games – Assassins Creed, Starmade, Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers, Elite Dangerous

Eve Online


Articles discussed:

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Welcome to a very special, and controversial issue of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show – show number 159.  If controversial subject upset you, this is not the episode for you, and we will see you next time for show 160.  If, after listening to the show, you ask yourself why bring up the subject at all it is because the article came across our news feed from a gaming website (among other things).  If you are ready to brave the waters, tune in and listen.  You will find the articles cited in the notes attached to the show.

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Welcome to Show 158!

Join us as we discuss the subjects below.  This week Chris looks for the manly size economy 55 gallon drum shampoo. Julie spreads parkour on her sandwich. Fran leaps through fire to stop being hooked on a feeling.

1.       Pre-order Rot – how do we get it to continue?

2.       Day 1 DLC

3.       Nintendo goes mobile and stops whale hunting (article)

4.       Starmade  - Minecraft and Eve Online in outer space

5.       Grand Theft Auto – the movie

6.       Ubisoft Learned their lessons – Victorian Assassins

7.       Zero Punctuation does Sim City – snark of the highest order

8.       Triple A changing the way they don’t listen to consumers – the industry has changed the way they do business – has it made a difference?

9.       OMFG – Operation Make Faster Game


Articles and Sites Cited:

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Welcome to show 157 with Julie, Fran and Chris!

This time out we all aim to misbehave as Firefly Online is out (and due out this spring).  Along the way we discuss the topics below.   Chris Dodson (he of 2lazy2be otaku fame) has a few words to say about a subject from an earlier show.

1.       The Evil of Pokemon

2.       Candy Crushed Fingers

3.       Firefly Online – aiming to misbehave and keep on flying

4.       Buy a Token

5.       Radioshack gives us one last finger

6.       Star Trek, IKS Cuddly Wuddly, and flying garbage skows

7.       Starmade – minecraft in space

8.       Violence in videogames part 2

9.       Blood Borne bottoms out our most disgusting game list


Articles and Sites Cited:

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Welcome to No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 156!


This time out Julie, Fran and Chris (our new regular contributor) sit down with long time industry professional Rod Harper about recent changes in the gaming industry, the Unity game engine, and what it takes to be an indie game developer.  If you have ever wanted to do your own indie game this is the show for you!



See You Online

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Welcome to Show 155,

Here are the topics this time out, This time out we talk about the BAFT Awards, ransomeware for gamers, and a game from the evil empire that is rated "E for Exploitive"


 see you online,

Julie and Fran


1.       Ransomware

2.       BAFTA Videogame Awards

3.       Chappie –  Do artificial intelligent beings have artificial souls?

4.       Stop throwing pizza’s on Walter White’s Roof

5.       Why do fans attend conventions (and why does William Shatner want you to “get a life”?

6.       Duck, duck…nuclear power plant

7.       Five Nights at Freddies

8.       The Flop (wolf) among – Tell-Tale Games versus Inkle Games

9.       Julie buys a game from the Evil Empire –  Titanfall

10.   This game rated “E” for exploitive


11.   Ed Obanon vs. NCAA and EA

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Welcome to show 154

It’s hard to believe that our favorite Rocket Man, Leonard Nimoy , is gone.  Although he was the star of stage as well as screen his role as Spock inspired a generation of American astronauts and engineers.  He will always hold a special place in our heart.

This time out we talk about Borderlands2, Minecraft, and modding Minecraft to play Borderlands 2.  We also talk about the newest version of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, and a bit about the newest downloadable content. In the second part of the show we talk about hopes and fears for the future of Virtual Reality – which isn’t far off. 

Additional Subjects in the News:

Electronic Arts closes down Maxis

Square Enix wants to become the company you want them to be

Leonard Nimoy



Devs Talk Hopes and Fears for VR


An Updated List Of Studios EA Has Bought And Then Shut Down


Square Enix Asks What Game You Want It to Make Next

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Welcome to Show 153!

This time out Steve, Fran and Julie have a great time talking about the following subjects. Please join us for another round of No Prisoners No Mercy.

See you online

Julie and Fran


1.       Violent games aren’t anything new

2.       Hatred Game or “ho-hum” game

3.       When violence is the means and not the point

4.       News of the Week

5.       Kickstarter, videogames and the failure of trust


6.       Keeping games alive

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