No Prisoners, No Mercy
There comes a time, friends, when your favorite MMO ceases to sparkle, when even new videogames lose their luster, and the computer room becomes a prison; and all that is left are two gamers (who happen to be nuns) with a very large axe to grind. Come join Julie Whitefeather and Frances Kosac as they go to War - and along the way discuss the events of the week in the MMO industry.

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Movie Show

This time out Fran and Julie sit down to take in a movie and talk about the results - the good, the bad and the not so good. Time to review the moview about Fran's favorite game.

See you online (and in the theater)

Fran and Julie

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Welcome to Show 175

This time out Fran, Julie, Steve and Chris sit down to talk about the game of the moment, Black Desert Online. Along the way we talk about Skyforge and have alot of laughs. Join us again as we talk about our favorite MMOs and maybe yours.

See you online,

The No Prisoners, No Mercy Team

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Welcome to show 174 of the No Prisoners, No Mercy Show. This time out Fran, Julie, Chris and Steve talk about Augmented reality, Steam's skivvy unvle and more. \\

See you online.

1. Go and Augmented Reality
2. Universal Windows Platform – Steam’s skivvy uncle
3. Comic book heroes dark, blue and zaftig
4. Vetted in Forchan, popularized in Reddit
5. Kicking your first kickstarter to the curb
6. Non-Accessiblity and World of Warships

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Welcome to show 173!

This time out Fran, Julie, Chris and Steve sit down and talk about the following subjects.


  1. Shovelware
  2. Blizzard’s Butt Apology/apologizing for artwork
  3. A not so family friendly event at Nintendo
  4. NC Soft layoffs/Wildstar
  5. World of Tanks/Girls und Panzer
  6. How not to market a videogame
  7. Daybreak Game Company

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Welcome to show 172!

Welcome to the war gaming show. This time out Julie, Fran, Chris and Steve talk about Wargames and more.  What is the fascination with military games? What is their history? Where are they going?

  1. Why are combat games popular?
  2. War gaming and Saving Private Ryan
  3. Twitch gameplay, strategic gameplay and “wire-fu”
  4. World of Warships
  5. War gaming and History
  6. Disparity in PvP
  7. Story of the Fortnight
  8. What are you playing?
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Welcome to show 171 where we find our intrepid heroes discovering, by way of The Beginners Guide, that “not all videogames have to be an experience that you interact with – sometimes it’s just an experience that you experience.” Sometimes a cigar IS just a smoke.


  1. Steam controllers and other kit
  2. Visual novels, anime, Clannad and Steve Jackson Apps
  3. Is the Oculus Rift the “great democratizer?” What is the gateway to VR for gamers?
  4. Walking Simulators and The Beginners Guide
  5. Is Facebook experimenting on you?



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Welcome to No Prisoners, No Mercy Show 170,


This time out we bring you the Star Citizen show with guest host Saylah.  Saylah, Julie and Fran bring you the flip side of what has been happening with Chris Roberts’ new game! Show links are below:


Mystic Worlds:

Mystic Worlds on SoundCloud:

Mystic Worlds on YouTube:


Star Citizen Current Game Features:

ARK Starmap:


YouTubes with good learning videos:



Tactical Advance:

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Welcome to Show 169!

Join Chris, Steve, Julie and Fran for some fun, laughs and the lively art of conversation as they discuss the following topics:

  1. Nerf Wars the Foam Awakens
  2. Net non-neutrality: Win one for our side – taking internet providers to task
  3. “Damn the video cards, full speed ahead” – are developers outpacing the ability of gamers to keep up.
  4. Day One Bethesda –depending on the community to take up the slack
  5. Thank God for “pre-order rot” and indie developers
  6. Settling for Settlements – post apocalyptic Minecraft – Nature finds a way.
  7. Amazon aswesomesauce and software pushback
  8. Mass media or propaganda?
  9. Microsoft Minecraft – sorry Notch we don’t miss you.
  10. Story of the fortnight
  11. What we have been playing and wrap-up
  12. Outtakes
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Welcome to Show 168,

This time out we are proud to welcome the author of the Hakima’s Tale Trilogy, Nominee for UAE Woman of the Year, Dedra Stevenson. In the second half of the show we will welcome author Rod  Harper.  We hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we did recording it.

See you online,

Julie and Fran


Links for the Show

@Hakimastale, @bluejinnimedia

Instagram as Bluejinnimedia

On Facebook as The Hakima's Tale, Desert Magnolia and Blue Jinni Media

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Welcome to Show 167!

Fran and Julie are back from vacation – this time out Fran, Julie, Chris and Steve sit down for some fun to discuss the following subjects:


  1. New Releases: Fallout 4 (Nov. 10) Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void (Nov. 10) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (Nov. 10 but only on Xbox one)
  2. Fallout 4 – Just about 2 days until Fallout 4 release. The modders are already planning on how to change the game.
  3. Spectre (at $73 million) tops The Peanuts Movie (according to Variety Magazine: but Halo 5 leaves it in the dust at $400 million (
    1. Spectre Needs to make $650 million to break even (
    2. $34 million dollars worth of cars were smashed in the making of Spectre (
  4. Activision buys Candy Crush Developer King for $5.9 Billion (
    1. King is currently valued at $7 billion dollars
  5. Activison Blizzard opens its own television and film studio: (
  6. Batman Arkham Knight on PC still broken…and may never be fixed according to publisher Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment (
  7. More Women own video consoles then Men:
    1. “The gender demographics for gaming console owners in the United States, according to a Pew Research Center study, break down as follows: 42% of women in the USA own consoles, and 37% of men do.” (
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